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Seiko 12pl Solvent Ink

We are a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of Solvent Inks.If you are interested in any of our Seiko 12pl Solvent Ink or would like to discuss a custom order, please feel free to contact us.

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Product Details

We are a professional enterprise engaged in the manufacture and sale of Solvent Inks.

Seiko 12pl Solvent Ink
Printers Compatibility:Infiniti;   Phaeton;  Gongzheng;  Graphitec

SK4 Solvent Inks, SK-4 Solvent Inks, Infiniti K4 Solvent Inks,SK4 Solvent Ink for Phaeton, 

Sk4 Solvent Ink for Infiniti, Sk4 Inks, Sk-4 inks.

Brand Name:SK4
Origial of Certification:Made In China
Country of Origin Main Raw Materials:Japan & USA
Main Colors:Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta
Applicable Print Media:

Mainly solvent Printing paper, Photo Paper, PP Paper,

Vinyl, Coth, Banner, Film, One-way Vision, Reflective, Flex, etc.

Main Points:
1). UV resistance superior or equal to similar products as shown by UV fading test.
2). High climate-resistant and outdoor warranty(Outside lifetime can reach 30 months).
3). Precision filtration warrants clogging-free operation.
4). Several color matching sets producing accurate colors and wide gamut.
5). Faster drying giving improved productivity.
6). Safe solvent for a better environment.
7). More light solvent, mostly no odor, and no smell
9). really environmental-friendly products
10). strictly production management and quality control
11). Consistent quality & reputation.

Quality Warranty:
SuperImage affords full quality warranty for our inks products.
For any inferior quality products or loss caused by inferior quality inks, SuperImage will be responsible for products-changing, returning and replacements delivery, as well as related compensation.

Shanghai BPINK Technologies Co., Ltd. is professional Seiko 12pl Solvent Ink manufacturer, our products are in promotion. If you are distributor of solvent printer ink, or Solvent Based Inks, and if you have any questions or requirement of Seiko 12pl Solvent Ink, please contact us freely.