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Xaar382 Printhead UV Printing Ink
- May 16, 2018 -

We are the leading INK manufacturer specialize in digital printing ink for large format inkjet printers in China. Our main exported areas are America, Europe, South America and Southeast Asia etc.

UV LED ink.jpg

Xaar382 UV LED INK Technical parameters:

   Wavelength range: 380-410mm

   Irradiance: 2-4W/cm^2

   Proposed irradiation height: 3-10(mm)

   Cooling method: Forced air cooling

   Irradiation head size: 93*120*40 (mm)

   Control mode: Switching signal control

   Irradiation head weight: 0.96KG

   Effetive irradiation area: 50*20 (mm)

   Input power: 200V / 50HZ

   Power consumption: 160W