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What Is The Weak Solvent Ink?
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Weak solvent inks, or environmentally friendly solvent inks, is in the past few years in the outdoor solvent-based digital inkjet market Popular high security, low volatility, low to micro-toxicity, high flash point of a new type of outdoor solvent inkjet, its development has not stagnated, at present has been put forward higher requirements, the development of the green solvent outdoor inkjet.
Weak solvent inks compared with solvent-based inks, the greatest advantage is the environmental friendliness, mainly reflected in volatile VOC reduction and no longer use many toxic organic solvents, in the weak solvent printing machine production Workshop no longer need ventilation devices. Weak solvent ink in the production of water-based ink to maintain the advantages of high precision, but also overcome the water-based ink on the substrate harsh and the production of the screen can not be used in outdoor and other shortcomings. Therefore, the weak solvent ink between the water-based and solvent-based inks, taking into account the advantages of both.