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UV LED Ink For Spectra 7pl Print Head
- Oct 18, 2017 -
UV curable ink for Rigid material

UV curable ink for Rigid material

UV curable ink for Flexible material

UV curable ink for Flexible material

UV curable ink for Phone case printing

UV curable ink for Phone case printing

--Product Features: 

  • Nanoscale particles, chemical resistance, good flexibility and scalability, clear print images adhesions 

  • Color rich and gaudy shiny, saturation, image three-dimensional, with superior color performance. 

  • 3. Fast curing, low energy consumption, not easy to plug printhead, and greatly reduce the cost of printing

  • Waterproof,lightfastness antioxidant properties are excellent,output image can be saved  for a long time.

  • Non-toxic, odorless, green environmental protection.   

--Personal protective 

  • Stored in the black, in an airtight container in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and away from sources of ignition.

  • Avoid skin touch uncured ink; accidentally contaminated skin with alcohol wipe, then soap can. 

--Shelf Life 

    Product shelf life of one year, six months of the white ink; After unpacking sealed and stored in a dark, 

    cool conditions, and within 2 months after use.

--LEN UV INK Technical parameters:

   Wavelength range: 380-410mm

   Irradiance: 2-4W/cm^2

   Proposed irradiation height: 3-10(mm)

   Cooling method: Forced air cooling

   Irradiation head size: 93*120*40 (mm)

   Control mode: Switching signal control

   Irradiation head weight: 0.96KG

   Effetive irradiation area: 50*20 (mm)

   Input power: 200V / 50HZ

   Power consumption: 160W 

Please attention:

1) LED UV ink is just suit for modified flatbed printer which is Epson printhead, what's more, there must install a LED light in your modified flatbed printer.

That is to say if use this ink, your printer must meet following conditions as below:

A, Modified flatbed printer

B, it's use Epson print head ( Mimak / Roland / Mutoh uv printer )

C, Have installed a LED light in your printer.