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UV Ink Printer Range
- Jun 19, 2017 -

In general, UV inks are not specifically used in flat printing, it can be applied to a variety of traditional printing methods, including letterpress, lithography, screen printing, and so on, UV technology can be printed in a wide range of such as paper printing, plastic printing, tape printing, printed circuit boards, chrome printing, electronic parts printing, metal surface printing, aluminum foil printing.
UV ink including UV matte, UV ice, UV foam, UV wrinkle, UV convex word, UV refraction, UV, UV light solid ink, UV varnish, such as special packaging inks. In a metal mirror gloss substrate surface, the use of screen printing technology will UV ink printing, ultraviolet drying equipment after treatment, can produce a unique visual effect, appear elegant, solemn, luxurious. Products are mainly used in high-grade, exquisite chic smoke, wine, cosmetics, health products, food, medicine and other packaging printing.