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The Development Trend Of Domestic Ink
- Jun 19, 2017 -

In recent years, with the popularization of technology and market competition, many domestic traditional state-owned enterprises, ink technology leading edge gradually lost, other private enterprise product cost advantage also revealed, and constantly expand its market share. Some of the traditional state-owned enterprises have failed to keep up with the technical transformation of the industry, technology has not been able to keep up with the changes in the market, so the situation has also produced a change, that is, from the original people followed us, become we follow the others. And because product technology popularization and product quality homogeneity, product competition, gradually become product price and service quality competition.

The success of private enterprises is to take the road of market-driven, the development of Ink:
1) The development of the market for the application of ink products, especially the competitive advantages of good and cheap products, occupy the low-end market, such as paper offset printing ink, plastic sheet printing inks and printing inks.
2) development of environmentally friendly inks. such as alcohol-soluble gravure printing inks, water-free soy oil offset printing (environmental) inks, water-based inks (in which water-based plastic ink is the Guangdong Province to support the development of environmentally friendly products) and/Flexo printing inks and other new inks.
3) The development of high value-added ink products, such as industrial inkjet products (continuous inkjet Cij, on-demand drop out of DoD), conductive inks, security inks and so on.

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