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Talking About The Four Kinds Of Upgrade Of Personalized Wallpaper Customization
- Oct 10, 2017 -
factory direct ink cartridges with chip

ink cartridges with chip

440ml ink cartridges with chip supplier

440ml ink cartridges

220ml ink cartridges with chip manufacturer

220ml ink cartridges

Cartridges main benefits:
 "Plug and Play" solution
 No any bulk ink system required
 No any "surgery" on your beloved printers
 Easier to adhere to more low-cost substrates
● Functioning excellently with the latest Firmware and all continent versions

220ml Eco-Solvent cartridge with disposable chip
Extremely high color density 
 Environmentally friendly
Compatible with:
Mimaki JV3
Roland SJ/XC/SP 
Mutoh Rockhopper / Falcon

 220ml Eco-Solvent cartridge without chip
 Wider color gamut
Compatible with:
Roland SJ, 
Mutoh Rockhopper / Falcon