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Solvent Ink For Flex Banner Printing
- Oct 16, 2017 -
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• Perfect adhesion &Odorless, Non-HAPS environment friendly

• Wide color gamut, vivid color, high climate-resistant.

• Non-clogged of printhead long life

• Excellent UV and scratch resistance

• Up to 2-years outdoor life

• Printing on PVC,Vinyl,Car sticker,Wallpaper,Coated paper,Leather,Outdoor

advertising,Frontlit ,Backlit,Polyester,Window film ,Mesh ,Backlit film ,Blue back paper,ect roll to roll materials.

The following is the detailed characteristics;


1.It is suitable for all the digital solvent printer using Seiko SPT 510 printheads.Good quality.


2.Good stability,our  oiled ink is very stable under normal strorage conditions,,color andother physical properties are very stable


 3.Outdoor life is over 18 months ,Anti-UV  grade 7-8 degree


4.Shelf life :12 month,care must be take to avoid  contamination of inks and substrates


5. The ink is outstanding in the brighness and saturation of colors and with good fluency


 6.Adopt high -quality raw material ,the fluency is very good ,It never jam the nozzles thus


ensuing excellent print quality


7.Adopt Japan technology,enjoy high quality ,printing  is fluntly and naturely


8.As relatively safe,meteral to minize the ink on human heath the impact and effots to


achieve "green products" to protect our life clean and polution free


 9. It is produced in the nonedust workshop,never jam printerhead.