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Sky Ink Better Seiko Grand format solvent ink
- Feb 06, 2018 -

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BPINK Sky solvent ink is a kind of grand format solvent ink, use for Seiko grand format inkjet printer , Konica printer, Epson printer

The inkjet machines often use different ink, but due to the different ink is composed of different chemical reagent solution, and composition in chemical composition and color composition system have certain difference, therefore, in the process of replacement of high frequency, the slightest mistake will cause a certain degree of mechanical damage. So what should we pay attention to in changing the ink? 

1, when changing the pigment ink, especially when pigments are converted to dyes, please empty the original ink first, then clean the pipes with clean or pure water, otherwise, the chemicals in the ink may react with chemicals to block the sprinklers. 

2, the use of HP and NovaJet thermal foaming machine users, in the filling ink must be air evacuation, otherwise it will cause head air burning, reducing the service life of the nozzle, or may cause damage or break the ink printing ink. 

3, the use of new ink, because of the need for a combination of time, testing the broken lines as a normal phenomenon in a few hours; if not all monochrome or ink, or after a long time, broken ink phenomenon, there may be insufficient ink in an ink reservoir (less than 2/3) or too much (full) caused by air or in the pipeline, a scraper and a waste ink pad Motaiduo caused by silt; the best manual emptying pipeline air and ink sac, and not the net section. 

4, the best day to print the test of piezoelectric machine to spray drawings, keep wet; long-term shutdown, should start once a week, to ensure the smooth and moist ink pipe head parts.