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SK4 Solvent Ink
- Apr 25, 2018 -

Shanghai BPINK Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a professional SK4 solvent ink manufacturer.

This kind of SK4 solvent ink is used for Reflective vinyl and PVC tarpaulin curtain printing, it is easy to direct print logo, product information, and save you advertising cost.

Compatible with Original FY Union Phaeton Icontek Challenger SPT 35pl 50pl Print Head printer.

Package:1 liter per bottle or 5 Liter per bottle

Color range:

C, M, Y, K, LM, LC

Surface Tension:

25~35 dynes/cm


8-12 cp


6.5~ 7.5



Flash Point:

65 o C

Partical Size:

< 0.20 




Color Range: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta
Operation: Temperature18to30or 64 to 86;
Relative Humidity:25 to 60% Non-condense.
Outdoor Life: 24 ~ 36 Month

1. Recommended to be stored indoors at a temperature between 5~30°C.
2. The shelf-life is 12 months, when stored as above.
3. Care must be taken to avoid contamination of inks and substrates.
4. Check that the preheat settings are as recommended

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