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Royal Shepherd Launches Direct Printing Technology At The European Label Exhibition
- Oct 11, 2017 -
UV ink printing effect

UV ink for KM print head

UV curable ink with varnish

LED uv ink for Kyocera KJ4A

UV ink with vivid color

uv ink for Spectra Polaris

   Lightfast   Level              



                UV Light


LED light (wavelength as 395nm)



4-6 cps/25°C 



Higher than100°C 
Surface Tension20-24 Dynes/cm 
Filtering PrecisionSmaller than 0.5μm 




Acrylic, Metal , Glass, Ceramics, Wood, PC, PVC, ABS, PS etc.

Print head


Epson DX 5, Desktop DX 7, Desktop Print Head etc.



Available ColorC, M, Y, K, LC, LM, White



1. Recommended to be stored indoors at a temperature between 5~30°C.

2. The shelf-life is 3years, when stored as above.

3. Care must be taken to avoid contamination of inks and substrates.

4. Check that the preheat settings are as recommended



# Protect from light

# Shake before use

# Keep away from heat and flame

# Disposal must be in accordance with current national & local regulations

# Chemical residues generally count as special waste

# Bottle not suitable for recycling