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PVC Flex Banner Ink Supplier
- Mar 13, 2018 -

PVC Flex banner is mainly pop advertising sign material in market. 

It is made of PVC film and polyester fabric. By laminated PVC film on both sides of polyester basic fabric, better strengthen substrate to resist both fading and weather damage.  

Frontlight PVC Flex banner has widely used for outdoor billboard, street sign,  road sign, event banner, pole flag , Post display, Roll up, etc. 

PVC Flex Banner is made with three way of processes, cold/Hot laminated banner, PVC coated bannerFrontlit PVC Flex Banner material is made of high strong yarn and flexible PVC, high glossy surface, Anti-UV, waterproof, and keep vivid graphics longer for outdoor.  

BPINK is a professional PVC flex banner ink supplier, supply solvent ink, eco solvent ink, UV ink for PVC flex banner printing

More information welcome to inquire with us. 

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