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Digital Print Ink Studio
- Mar 06, 2018 -

Shanghai BPINK Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a professional digital print ink manufacturer .

With the improvement of the living standard, the taste of decoration is gradually improved, which requires the continuous innovation and development of the decoration and decoration industry.

UV printer has become the decoration industry widely used equipment, whether cabinets, wallpaper, glass, ceramic tile, wall or ceiling background and so on, you can use UV printer in the printing color pattern on an arbitrary surface and 3D embossed pattern, and print pattern has a strong visual accuracy, beautiful and generous, which greatly improves the the ornamental and artistic value. The use of UV flatbed inkjet printing and decoration materials not only has high accuracy and fast speed, but also the finished products, namely, the finished products. 

UV flat-panel printer, color printing cabinet, wallpaper, glass, tile, ceiling, background wall and other items can not only be mass produced, but also can be produced in a small batch and customized, which is more and more favored by decoration industry.

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