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Odorless ECO Solvent Ink For Advertising Media
- Sep 30, 2017 -
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Development Prospect of Industrial Ink Jet Control System


(1) inkjet printing applications continue to expand, the downstream market demand continues to grow


The expansion of inkjet printing technology applications will boost the demand for downstream digital inkjet printing. Today, the field of inkjet printing technology from the previous outdoor advertising, extended to the pottery, tile, label printing, textile printing, glass jewelry, 3D printing, PCB board printing and PCB board printing, and there is a growing trend. PCB board printing market, for example, PCB printing is the use of inkjet printing process, the conductive polymer, nano-metal ink or nano-inorganic ink printed on the PCB board circuit or device.


At present, the traditional electronic products are made of silicon and other inorganic semiconductor materials based on the production of components and copper clad plate for the production of printed circuit boards, interconnection, known as "silicon - copper electronic technology." The manufacturing process of silicon technology is complicated, the production cycle is long and the material waste is large, so it is difficult to realize the multi-functional and low-cost manufacturing of electronic products. In recent years, another category of non-traditional silicon-based electronic technology has been rapid development, PCB board printing technology which is the main representative. PCB board printing technology refers to the lowest production costs and the fastest printing speed combined with the processing methods, in a variety of substrates, such as plastic film, metal foil, ceramic sheet or even paper or cotton, high capacity to print out All kinds of light, thin, soft, small electronic products. Its main feature is the printing process and electronic technology organically together, large area, high efficiency and rapid printing of various types of electronic products. Applications for printed electronics include a wide range of industries including organic, inorganic or synthetic materials, transistors, OLEDs (organic light emitting diodes), displays, sensors, photocells, batteries, and lighting devices that can form circuits or electronic components , Electronic tags, smart signs, memory, flexible printed circuit, conductors and semiconductors and other devices.


PCB board printing application principle for the use of fast, efficient and flexible digital inkjet printing technology, the functional conductive polymer, nano-metal ink or nano-inorganic ink printed on the substrate to form conductive lines, graphics, or the formation of the entire printing Circuit board. PCB board printing is a traditional printing technology and electronic technology in one, the traditional printing technology used in electronic manufacturing of a new technology. PCB board printing can not only replace part of the silicon-based electronic products, but also can open up silicon-based electronics has not yet achieved many new applications, more widely used. Future microelectronics market value chain from silicon-based electronic to organic electronics, PCB board printing in many low-end electronic products will be directly replaced silicon-based microelectronics products. PCB board printing prospects.


In the future, all printed market segments will have a campaign to improve production efficiency and print quality, which will allow inkjet printing to replace some of the screenings of traditional printing technologies such as screen printing, flexographic printing, gravure printing and offset printing.


(2) industrialized large-scale application promotion control system


Overall, China's demand for inkjet printing from home to commercial applications to industrial production applications gradually evolved. At the same time in the field of industrial applications, digital products and digital production methods for further popularization, digital production means will become an important development direction of the industry, inkjet technology will be more widely used in aerospace, equipment manufacturing, bio-engineering, medical Field, food industry, construction industry and 3D printing industry and other fields. Inkjet technology will usher in a great opportunity and development space, film equipment will continue to energy saving and environmental protection, functional upgrading, to adapt to the broader direction of the field of digital printing development, its quality and scale will continue to upgrade to a new height The At present, China's digital inkjet printing market demand, although lagging behind in Europe and the United States, but in recent years to accelerate the pace of development, the market has great potential.


In this context, inkjet printing equipment manufacturers on the printing system in the printing speed and quality are put forward higher requirements, which in turn will promote the control system in the application areas of technological progress, performance growth.


(C) the industry chain situation


In the industrial chain of inkjet equipment, the nozzle, the control system board and the conveyor belt, shell and other parts manufacturers for the upstream, inkjet equipment in the upper and lower reaches of the industrial chain, the downstream procurement of printing equipment to provide printing services and production to be printed Product business. Control system board by the capacitors, resistors, integrated circuit boards and other components. At present, the international leader in the manufacture of nozzles in the leading enterprises include KonICA MINOLTA, INC., FUJIFILM Dimatix, INC., Kyocera Group, Xaar. The industrial inkjet control system is integrated by the manufacturer of inkjet printing equipment into inkjet printing equipment and supplied to the printing products provider.

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