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Mutoh Ink Cartridges
- Mar 07, 2018 -

MUTOH is the first company to used the piezoelectric spray painting machine in the advertising sector, and they had made the width 1.8M printer in 1997. 

The four color solvent-based printer with a resolution of 180dpi, the stability and outdoor effect of the machine left a good impression on the users. 

Then MUTOH launched RJ-800C, RJ-4100, RJ-6000 etc. all printers become the leaders of the market, many foreign companies, such as Agfa AcuPlot and other dozens of Europe and the United States, the famous Japanese companies are using Mutoh products as its OEM products. 

On the other hand, affirmed the MUTOH leading position in the industry. It is also the partner of EPSON company. It is the production base of EPSON large format printer.

After years of research and technical development, BPINK make new ink cartridges and chip for Mutoh VJ printer.  


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