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KM1024i High Speed Industrial Printhead Ink
- Apr 18, 2018 -

Shanghai BPINK Technologies Co.,Ltd. is a professional INKJET INK manufacturer for  KM1024i high speed industrial printhead ink.

We suppliy good quality ink for KM1024i industrial printer. We have advanced production lines, formulation technolog, combination of years' experience to support best quality products to customers.

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The KM1024i series are the high speed, high productivity printheads, these heads are no longer limited by the low speeds of the older “shared wall” technology.


1. With good fluency, suits for continuous mass printing. 

2. Stable ejection performance and printhead structure with superb ink durability

3. High-performance built-in heater to control ink temperature

4. 360npi high-resolution nozzles, capable of maximum eight grayscale levels

5. Environmentally-considerate "Certified Green Products"

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