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How To Protect Printhead In Cold Weather
- Jan 09, 2018 -

How to protect printhead in cold weather

BPINK warm reminder:

           Dear customers, the cold-air outbreak, most areas are below 0 degrees. 

PLZ kindly note, 

           Ink viscosity will increase when the temperature is very low. 

           Low temperature printing will shorten the service life of sprinklers. 

           The air is too dry can cause the nozzle misting and not fluent when printing.  

So, Please keep the room temperature above 20 degrees Celsius, the air humidity of not less than 40%, also need to ensure that the ink storage environment, avoid ink low temperature metamorphism, 

please follow the normal operation process, to protect the head and ink, do not use the machine under the low temperature environment. The printhead is as precious as gold, and the use and cherish!

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