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How To Clean Inkjet Printer BPINK Cleaning Solutions Company
- Feb 12, 2018 -

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We use eco raw material, dedicated instead of original ink cleaning flush with low odor, slight corrosive, to clean inkjet printer and make you comfortable and safe work environment.

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The method to clean inkjet printer is as below. 

  1. Printhead cleaning  

    The printhead plays the most important role in the printing work of inkjet printer.  A slight nozzle clogging using inkjet printing machine with automatic cleaning function can be cleaned; serious clogging need cleaning liquid for immersion cleaning, soaking time should be set according to the specific blockage of the nozzle, but preferably not more than 48 hours.

  2. ink supply system cleaning

    a)clean the cartridge. Pour out all the ink, pour into the pure water and rinse it to the colorless, and then add a proper amount of water.

    b) wash the ink tube. Prepare a clean syring and insert the syring. If there is air leakage, you can hold between two connections with paper towel and gently draw the ink into the ink tube, till all of which are clear cleaning liquid without bubbles at the same time.

  3. the cleaning of the grating

    the grating is a transparent film after the small frame, it mainly plays the role of positioning. The raster should be cleaned regularly. When cleaning, gently wipe with water, do not use brute force, both sides should be scrubbed.

  4. track cleaning

    long time use, if you do not pay attention to cleaning, copper sleeve and guide will be very dirty. Usually cleaning up the guide rails after finishing the printing every day, clean the dirt on the guide rail with cleaning solutions, then wipe a little sewing oil to the guide way with clean cloth or paper towel.

  5. the capping system cleaning

    after a period of printing, the scraper and capping will slowly dip into the ink and dust. If it is not cleaned in time, it may cause the phenomenon of sprinkler drop ink or nozzle clogging. If the scraped piece has been deformed or damaged, a new scraper should be replaced.

Good habits, regularly clean the printer machine and accessories,  it not only can guarantee the photo machine efficient and stable work, but also can extend the service life of the machine.

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