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Hot Sale Eco Solvent Ink
- Oct 17, 2017 -

eco solvent inks supplier      Epson DX4 ECO solvent ink

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Epson DX5 ECO solvent ink

Factory direct ECO solvent ink

Epson DX6 ECO solvent ink

Wide format printer withEpson DX4, Epson DX5, Epson DX6, Epson DX7 Printheads

Mimaki JV3/JV33 series

Roland SJ/VP/SP/SC/XC/XJ/RS/VS series

Mutoh Falcon/Rockhopper/Valuejet/Spitfire series  

Operation:Temperature:18 to 30℃  64 to 86 ℉

Relative Humidity:25% to 70% Non-condensing

Storage:Recommended to be stored indoors at a temperature between 5 to 30 ℃

The shelf life is 12 months under conventional storage conditions;       

 Care must be taken to avoid contamination of inks and substrates;

Keep away from children & Pets.