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Flexible UV Ink For Mimaki UV Inkjet Printer
- Feb 09, 2018 -

BPINK flexible UV ink have successfully done the printing testing on Mimaki UV inkjet printer.

flexible UV ink for Mimaki UV inkjet printer.jpg

3.2m high performance grand format LED UV inkjet printer.jpg

Shanghai BPINK Technologies Co.,Ltd. specializes in the manufacture and export of flexible UV ink for Mimaki UV inkjet printer.

Flexible UV ink Features:
the most environmentally sound solution for large format printing and is ECO compliant

• High color saturation, immediate drying
• Formulated for use in flexible application
• Suitable for shaping and stretching without chipping and cracking
• It can be printed on leather, TPU, PVC, soft film, form board, vinyl etc
• Up to 3 years outdoor life

It is compatible with Konica 512i, Starfaire, Ricoh, Toshhiba and Kyocer.

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