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Flexible UV Ink And Rigid UV Ink
- Dec 26, 2017 -

BPINK UV ink is divided into flexible UV ink and rigid UV ink.  Different ink has a strict requirement for different materials. The printing material  include roll media and board sheets. Flexible UV ink and hard UV ink are compatible with soft and hard material. If we print flexible material with hard ink, the printed pattern get crack easily. If we print hard material with soft UV ink, the printing is easy to be scratched. So we must use different soft UV ink and hard UV ink for different materials.

UV ink.jpg

UV INK Color: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Light Cyan, Light Magenta, White

UV INK Compatible with: Epson printhead, Konica printhead, Xaar printhead, Seiko printhead, Spectra printhead

The introduction of two kinds of BPINK UV ink:

Materials using soft UV ink on roll to roll machine: PVC Flex banner, leather, PVC Tarpaulin, oil canvas, Polyester Textile, PVC Foam Board,and so on.


Materials using hard UV ink on flatbed printer: glass, tile, waist line, acrylic, metal, PC board, ABS board,  Aluminum composite Plate and so on;

UV BAN1.jpg


Low viscosity

Can be printed on heat-sensitive media

Fast curing and low odor

Environmentally safe, free of volatile organic compounds(VOC)

3 outdoor life