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Factory Direct UV Curable Ink And LED UV Ink
- Sep 30, 2017 -
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environmental protection UV curable ink

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harmless solvent based ink

Recently, Konica Minolta released the first quarter of fiscal year 2017 fiscal revenue and expenditure situation. Results show that in the first quarter Konica Minolta turnover increased by 1%.


Konica Minolta's turnover growth in the quarter was driven by strong performance in the industrial printer business segment, offsetting the impact of low margins in the office and healthcare business segments.


Some of the key information on earnings includes:


In the first quarter of the fiscal year, Konica Minolta's turnover was 2,324 billion yen (about 14.178 billion yuan), an increase of 1%


Operating profit for the quarter was 8.7 billion yen (about $ 531 million), down 2% year-on-year;


In the first quarter, the turnover of the office business area was 1,313 billion yen (about 8.114 billion yuan), down 2% year on year, while the profit of the business segment fell 5.3 billion yen (about 333 million yuan );


The turnover of the professional printing segment for the quarter was ¥ 49 billion (US $ 2.989 billion), up 3% year-over-year, while the segment's profit in the quarter fell 3% year-on-year.