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Explore The Reasons For The Clogged Of Printing Machine Print Heads
- Jun 28, 2017 -

1, the ink in the nozzle to a certain extent after the outside of the nozzle hole is blocked: the most common way of plugging, because the ink must be volatile in the air to the air in order to make the screen dry, so the ink is a volatile liquid, in the The air is volatile and clears solid. When the ink is sprayed on the fabric, it will always leave a portion of the ink around it. This part of the ink will dry slowly in the air to make the nozzle smaller or even block the nozzle, but because it is outside the nozzle, it is easy Clean up, which is why we often clean the nozzle of the reasons.

2, the piezoelectric crystal damage: sure that the nozzle can not spray ink, the general piezoelectric nozzle can be used for a year or so, in the inkjet workload of many factories may also use less than a year is normal.

3, the piezoelectric crystal fatigue damage: the phenomenon is sometimes spray nozzle inkjet, and sometimes spray the ink, especially in the large amount of inkjet (that is, when the dark screen) "jam" phenomenon is obvious, the best way is to replace A new nozzle.

4, the nozzle inside the filter blockage caused by the nozzle no ink: the use of a longer time the nozzle, especially in the inkjet task is not full stop at night the factory, the ink does not flow in the nozzle for a long time, easy to adsorb in the internal filter Mesh or ink on the wall, so that the flow of ink cross-sectional area will also cause the nozzle no ink phenomenon, and now dedicated equipment can help you solve this problem.

5, the viscosity of the ink is too high or too low: the viscosity of the ink is too high to make the ink flow is poor, the amount of ink sprayed per unit of ink is not enough; ink viscosity is too low, that is too thin, easy in the nozzle pressure When the transistor pumped in the air, can not absorb the ink, which is sprayed out of the air; both will cause the nozzle no ink phenomenon. It is important to ask the customer to store the ink environment, and it should be better to use the ink for more than 24 hours before using the ink because the ink will have a high viscosity at low temperatures and the viscosity at high temperatures Becomes very low, this viscosity is very different, once the viscosity difference between the larger ink mixed together, it will cause the phenomenon of ink can not spray. Organization / organization

6, the drive circuit failure: the drive circuit of the electronic device aging and accumulation of too much dry ink dirt, may affect the drive nozzle voltage, causing the nozzle no ink or ink instability.

7, the type of ink: some manufacturers of ink due to improper control of the amount of desiccant, dry too fast, easy to cause the ink in the external blockage, although you can clean, but the cleaning time interval is more frequent, once a long time without the nozzle and not timely When the nozzle is protected, it may cause permanent damage to the nozzle at the next time.

8, frequent replacement of ink: the replacement of ink in many cases may not protect the nozzle, but also affect the nozzle inkjet state.

9, the machine uses the ambient temperature and humidity: the general recommended temperature of 22 to 25 degrees, humidity 40 ~ 70%, high and low temperature affect the viscosity of the ink, the nozzle will produce ink phenomenon or paste the phenomenon, often mistaken Think of "nozzle clogging".

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