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Epson Eco Solvent Ink Supplier
- Apr 27, 2018 -

Shanghai BPINK Technologies Co.,Ltd. Is a Professional Epson Eco Solvent Ink Supplier.

Epson TX800 Eco Solvent Ink Epson XP600 Eco Solvent Ink

ItemEco-Solvent Based ink

Epson DX5 DX7

Color Choice

K, C, M, Y, LC, LM, LK


1. 1kg/ 5kg/ 20kg

2. transparent bottle, milky-whitle bottle, square bottle, hand pot, soft packaging, barrelled

3. OEM welcome 

FeatureGood Durability, Vivid Color, Quick Drying 
Qualitystandard which is +/-0.03% from OEM ink

1. 12 months in clean, dark and dry environment

2. be attention of the dust keep away to the inks after open the bottle.

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