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Economic Price Solvent Ink For Seiko/Konica/Spectra/Xaar
- Oct 26, 2017 -
solvent ink for seiko print head

indoor&outdoor solvent ink

solvent ink for Konica print head

solvent ink with economic price

Solvent ink for modified inkjet printers

solvent ink for Spectra print head


Suitable for the followings Solvent-based printers 


large format printers with Seiko/Spt255 35pl print head


large format printers with Seiko/Spt255 12pl print head


large format printers with Seiko/Spt510 50pl print head


large format printers with Seiko/Spt510 50pl print head


large format printers with Seiko/Spt510 50pl print head


large format printers with Seiko/Spt510 35pl print head


large format printers with Seiko/Spt508GS 36pl print head


large format printers with Seiko/Spt1020 35pl print head

flush out the whole ink supply system and print-heads with cleaners of our brand. 
3. Check firstly if there is air in ink reservoir when losing nozzles happened. Discharge air out off ink reservoir if needed. Regularly clean-up on the sponge in ink reservoir is recommended for the purpose of lowering the chances of "nozzle clogging".
4. Even if the printers are possibly not to be operatedPhysical parameters
Flash point: 62 centigrade
Viscosity: 8-15CP
Filter precision: <0.2micron
Surface tension: 24-36Mn/m
Optical density: >1.3
Particle Size: < 0.2 u
Light-fastness:    7 ~ 8
Odor: Slightly

The type of Seiko solvent ink has better chroma luminance and color saturation
It can flow out of the print head smoothly, the viscosity will change to a small extent as the temperature alters. When being used, the product will not have discontinuous problem or clog the print head
It may corrode the print head in a lower degree and has exceptional stability in respect of intermittent printing, long-term storage as well as printing at either high or low temperatures
The light fastness of the pigment contained in the solvent ink is at 7 to 8 level. Accordingly, the product is excellently sun-proof. Furthermore, on the print media, it has the ability to resist water, scraping and grinding.
Our product has little odor, no pollution to environment and no damage to human body. Thus, it is truly eco friendly.
The print media can be applied to include photo paper, pvc foam board, car sticker and flex banner

Other information
The packaging method is available in three types, 1liter/bottle, 4 liters/bottle and 5 liters/barrel
The shelf life lasts 12 months at least. When stored, the product should be sealed and put in environments that are light-proof and have normal atmospheric temperatures
Attention should be paid to the fact that this type of solvent ink is not compatible with other kinds of products. As a result, before putting the solvent based ink into the print head, the operator should first well cleaning up the ink tube and print head with the cleaning solution