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Eco Solvent Ink For Epson TX800
- Oct 24, 2017 -
ECO solvent ink for DX4

DX4 ECO solvent ink


Inkjet eco solvent ink

eco solvent ink for Epson 5113

Epson 5113 eco solvent ink

Dx5 Eco Solvent Ink for All Inkjet Printers with Epson Dx5 Head

eco solvent printers: 

Perfect quality:

1, Produces bright and vibrant colors
2, Long shelf life
3, Excellent image definition ideal for high quality printing
4, Superb light fastness properties
5, Environmentally safer

1kg bottles for bulk-feed systems
Colors: C, M, Y, K, flush

Compatible printers: 
Roland, Mutoh, Mimaki with Epson DX4 and DX5 printheads.