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Digital Printing UV LED Ink For UV Flatbed Printer
- Oct 13, 2017 -
factory direct UV ink for UV flatbed printers

UV ink for UV flatebed printers

Factory direct UV curable ink for Spectra Polaris 512 15pl

UV ink for Konica 1024 print head

Rigid UV ink for Konica 512 14pl

LED UV ink for Seiko print head

Product description

UV ink particle diameter less than 1 microns, no volatile organic solvents, ultra low viscosity, non irritating odor, to ensure that the ink jet printing process without clogging nozzle phenomenon. Print smooth, Fast curing, Bright color, High degree of saturation, Superior color performance. Can match the various types of current market UV flatbed inkjet printing head.

Product Details

Model:  UV curable ink
Brand: BPINK
Volume: 1L/Bottle
Product Name: UV LED Ink / UV curable ink  / UV Ink
Suitable Machine: DX5, Industrial print head(Ricoh, Konica, SPT, ect.)
Color: C, M, Y, K, Lc, Lm, White
Shelf Life: 12 months