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By 2022 The European Inkjet Market Remained Strong Growth
- Oct 10, 2017 -
factory direct eco solvent ink for Epson


No odor eco solvent ink supplier


eco solvent ink for Ricoh manufacturer


Eco solvent inks for Epson printheads.

More environmental friendly products, odorless and user-friendly.

Wider color gamut and bright color.

2 years outdoor durability uncoated.

High quality and competitive price.


Color Range:

Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), Black (K), Light Cyan (LC), Light Magenta (LM), eco solvent cleaning solution.



Compatible with:


Item                    Suitable for the following printheads/printers


TOP ECO-360             Epson DX4/DX5 printhead


TOP ECO-360              Mimaki JV5/JV33


TOP ECO-360            Mutoh VJ

                                   Mimaki JV3

                                   Roland SJ / VC / VP/XC /SP / SC

                                   Mutoh RHⅠ/Ⅱ/Ⅲ




1 liter/bottle.


Handling: Avoid contacting with skin, eyes, and clothing. Do not ingest or inhale. After use, wash hands with soap and water.




Seal container when not in use.

Store in cool and dry place, avoid freezing, and keep away from direct sunlight.

The shelf life is 12 months.

Keep this and all chemicals out of the reach of children.


Technical Parameter:

Flash Point≥65℃
Viscosity(cps)3-6 cps
Surface Tension(dynes/cm)25-35Dynes/cm
Particle Size<0.2u
Shelf Life12 Months