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Application Technology Of Active Ink
- Jun 19, 2017 -

Active ink used in digital printing process: Fabric → pretreatment → drying → ink-jet printing → drying → steaming → washing → drying.
Because the ink does not contain reactive dye solid-color catalyst, at the same time because of ink-jet printing on the viscidity, surface tension and other technical indicators of special requirements, reactive dyes ink directly sprayed on the fabric is very easy to infiltration, affecting the precision of the pattern.
Therefore, when using reactive dyes ink for digital inkjet printing, fabric pretreatment is required. Pretreatment is mainly to provide the basic conditions for reactive dyes and fibers, and to prevent ink infiltration on the fabric to ensure the printing accuracy.
Pretreatment work fluid is mainly composed of alkali, urea and sodium alginate, the pretreatment of the fabric must be dried and maintained flat, in order to carry out ink-jet printing. After the drying of the fabric after the ink-jet printing, steam steaming is needed to make the reactive dye and the fiber finish the solid color reaction, then after washing to remove the floating color, finally drying.