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What are the requirements for leveling inks?
- Jun 19, 2017 -

1, the hue of the ink must conform to the design of the color of the manuscript, as far as possible to narrow the gap, and strive to tone consistent.
2, the distribution of ink too thick is not appropriate, should make the ink has a certain degree of viscosity and liquidity.
3, full version of the field of smoke, wine packaging decoration, trademarks to add a certain amount of red, white dryness oil, can not exceed 5% of the amount of ink, dryness oil and more will appear crystallization phenomenon, affect the ink matte, dry oil plus less will appear back sticky dirty, so that the amount of dryness oil should be appropriate, must not too much or too little.
4, the choice of fine quality ink, different manufacturers ink the nature of the original ink and hue are not the same, the best choice of a manufacturer of ink products.
5, inking when you want to consider the nature of the printed paper, paper rough, ink-absorbent strong, printing when the amount of ink consumption, master the difference in temperature increase or decrease in the dryness oil into.
6, the deployment of the ink requirements for one-time enough, a little surplus, to avoid inking less than the amount of use, printing out the hue is different, inking the amount of waste the original ink.
7, for the packaging design out of the color manuscript, careful analysis, strictly calculate and master the original ink and the proportion of diluent.
8. After the ink is pulled, on the machine to print out the color of the sample to carefully compare with the color, there is hue error to be corrected in a timely manner, wash ink when the request will be monlchamus, rollers wash, in general, the need to wash many times, to avoid washing ink color is not clean ink color problems.
9, the blending of the composition of ink and inking the number of records in detail, so that the stub file, the next time to repeat printing as a reference basis.